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Drought hits worldwide

The drought crisis is worsening every day, while approaching to the hottest period of summer.

The summer is coming, to quote one of the most famous TV series of our time. This would be the warning and the claim for constant vigilance if Westeros would experience such a heat wave and water shortage. Freshwater reserves are being depleted quickly and the crisis is hitting new areas every single day. The Golden State is changing deeply. According to Discovery News both residents and policymakers are adjusting to the idea that the drought may represent "the new normal”[1]. Daily life and landscapes have been transformed: one of the most apparent changes is the effect on the state's landscape. Rivers, streams and lake beds are dry throughout California. Once lush, wet landscapes have been transformed into parched wastlelands. Water shortage, dried river courses and reserves, heat and strong winds are a constant threat to the nature and the wildlife. 2 days ago the most serious fire hit the region. Authorities are concerned, they said: it has become the first big wildfire of a California season that threatens to become a terror. Between Jan. 1 and July 11, California fire officials have responded to more than 3,381 wildfires, 1,000 more than the average over the previous five years[2]. This is obviously the result of several years of drought. The inability to respond effectively to the environmental crisis - on one side - and the lack of concerns on the other side, created a fertile terrain for fires and erosion. 

Drought is a real and severe threat to our lives and economies. It is a shadow on our future.
Drought is spreading all over United States. In Oregon the river courses are at risk and authorities have claimed for counter measures. As we read on KGW: Oregon officials have prohibited fishing or curtailed fishing[3] hours on most rivers in the state to avoid additional stress on wild fish suffering from drought-related high water temperatures and low stream flows[4]. Also in the Sunshine State wells and reservs are at minimum. According to Miami Herald South Florida’s drought deepens: One measure of the severity: about 85 percent of Miami-Dade’s groundwater monitoring wells are at their lowest levels in a century, according to the U.S. Geological Survey[5]
Not only California and US

In far east crisis is worsening and North Korea and Thailand are struggling with agricultural breakdowns due to drought. Thailand authorities reduced water usage through rations and major cities are suffering water shortages frequently. However, farmers seem to be the real victims of this crisis. We read on The Time: According to the Office of Agricultural Economics, the delay could cost farmers in Thailand’s central plains 60 billion baht ($1.8 billion) in losses and straddle them with significant debt[6]. In North Korea the most severe drought of last 100 years is chaning habits and food availability. The heat wave affected crops and rice cultivations, creating a serious food scarcity and threatening children[7]. The population is trying to find alternative solutions and is moving to the east to compensate the losses. According to The Guardian: Hot weather devastating farmland has led to an abundance of seafood in the East Sea, and citizens are desperate to reap the benefits[8]. And what about Europe? The southern countries (Italy, Greece or Spain) are struggling with drought and water shortages as every year, due to the specific mediterrean climate that hit nearly 40°C temperatures during summer season. River courses and lakes are at minimum levels, agriculture industry is suffering and wildlife and nature are at risk for fires and erosion. However other central European countries have been hit by hot temperatures and drought - as witness of one of the most uncommon climatic conditions of last years. We read on the Praguepost that the volume of water in Czech rivers continues to shrink to the detriment of not only canoeists and water power plants' owners, but also the water ecosystems[9].

We have to act and we have to do it now.










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